CGG rolls-out GeoVista III

CGG’s flagship seismic processing package offers more interactivity in prestack depth migration.

A new version of CGG’s depth imaging suite GeoVista promises faster turn-around for high-resolution prestack depth migration of large datasets. GeoVista III offers seismic processors automated workflows for managing the large residual moveout datasets generated during dense auto picking of image gathers. GeoVista includes automated editing, geostatistical filtering and QC for data input to VelTracer for 3D depth tomographic inversion. Volumetric 3D depth tomography on large datasets leverages the massive parallel processing capabilities of 64-bit Linux clusters. GeoVista III technology has already been used to process in excess of 35,000 km2 of high-resolution 3D Pre-SDM in the Gulf of Mexico, producing ‘improved depth imaging results more rapidly than traditional low-resolution approaches, even in areas of complex structure’ according to CGG.

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