ExxonMobil downstream adopts Invensys

Supermajor to standardize refining simulation on SIM4ME common modeling environment.

ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company has signed a ’ perpetual license agreement’ with Invensys’ SimSci-Esscor unit for the deployment of its dynamic simulation software, DYNSIM, in ExxonMobil’s worldwide downstream affiliates. ExxonMobil’ has also nominated Invensys as its preferred operator training simulator provider and extended its long-term license agreement for the provision of SimSci-Esscor’s process simulation, heat transfer, and flow network modeling software.


SimSci-Esscor VP Alastair Fraser said, ‘We are pleased that ExxonMobil has extended its relationship with Invensys as its provider of steady state and dynamic process simulation solutions leveraging the SIM4ME common modeling environment. We are also pleased that ExxonMobil has adopted our solutions for process design, operator training and real-time optimization. All of which will allow ExxonMobil to reap the benefits of a consistent modeling framework throughout the plant lifecycle.’

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