Shell licenses ModViz Virtual Graphics

Shell to enhance 123DI ‘Team Room’ visualization centers with cluster-based graphics engine.

Shell is to deploy ModViz’ Virtual Graphics Platform (VGP) to accelerate its 123DI seismic interpretation application. VGP allows OpenGL-based applications such as 123DI to leverage multiple graphic processors in a single workstation or cluster to enhance 3D graphic performance. 123DI is utilized throughout Shell on the desktop, in collaborative ‘Team Rooms’ and Visualization Centers.


Tom Coull, ModViz CEO, said ‘Seismic interpretation produces some of the most demanding 3D visualization needs in any industry which is why our VGP technology has attracted so much attention. VGP allows users to interact with very large 3D data sets without the need for data pre-processing or decimation.’ VGP is an OpenGL-based computing platform for ‘supercomputing level’ visualization of large data sets on clusters of commodity-based 3D graphics computing nodes.

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