OpenInvoice remote from Digital Oilfield

New functionality lets field workers process invoices offline. Pengrowth Energy Trust new client.

Calgary-based e-business software house Digital Oilfield has just introduced OpenInvoice Remote (OIR), a new application that provides users with the ability to download invoices from Digital’s hosted, Internet-based invoice processing system and work on them offline. OIR lets workers review and approve invoices on a stand-alone PC before uploading them to the online system.


Digital Oilfield president Rod Munro said, ‘Field users don’t have access to the Internet on a continuous basis. OIR puts them in charge of when they fit the invoice approval process into their day.’ OIR is a component of OpenInvoice Suite, an electronic invoicing solution for the oil and gas industry that automates paper-driven processes between suppliers and operating companies.


Digital Oilfield has just signed Calgary-based Pengrowth Energy Trust as its latest OpenInvoice client. Pengrowth CIO Clay Radu said, ‘We chose OpenInvoice following six months of discovery and analysis. Now all incoming invoices, whether paper or electronic are processed the same way. We are handling less paper and reducing the staff time it takes to handle invoices.’

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