Geomodeling announces VisualVoxAT 5

Seismic volume package now includes ‘real time’ cross plotting and thin bed detection.

Houston-based Geomodeling Technology Corp. has released V5.0 of its VisualVoxAt (VVA) seismic volume interpretation package. The package now includes ‘real-time’ cross-plotting to compare attributes and data sets. Cross plotting supports seismic section, volume, horizon, interval, strata-grid and well data displays. Users can digitize polygons on cross-plots and identify corresponding features in 2D or 3D seismic, well or map views. An AOI can be selected in seismic or map view and the data studied in the cross-plot window.


Spectral decomposition now includes Continuous Wavelet Transform (CWT) algorithms. Other new features include improved detection of thin beds, lateral discontinuities and subtle anomalies. CWT and Fast Fourier Transform methods can be applied to both 3D and 2D data sets for more comprehensive analysis.

Data management

Other enhancements to the software include improved data management displays for more efficient handling of well log data and formation tops. Seismic waveform correlations and facies classification can be performed and grid balancing and mistie analysis aids jump correlation.

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