Ikon Science’s RokDoc-PPC roll-out

Pore pressure technology developed by Shell is to be embedded in Ikon’s RokDoc package.

Ikon Science has released a new pore pressure module for well planning. RokDoc PPC (pore pressure prediction calculator), was developed in collaboration with Shell International E&P’s Houston R&D center. RokDoc-PPC models and predicts oil or gas reservoir pressure. Shell uses the technology for both technical training and global E&P project delivery.


Shell petrophysicist Mark Kittridge said, ‘Our role in technology development is in identifying best practices for use by Shell operating companies worldwide. Our collaboration with Ikon Science leveraged their development expertise and the RokDoc platform to rapidly deploy a new design concept and technology worldwide.’

Millwood Hargrave

Ikon MD Martyn Millwood Hargrave added, ‘This work is a win for Shell in ease of use and deployment and a win for Ikon in developing a leading product that we can roll out to an industry that is hungry for new and better technologies.’ RokDoc investors include Tullow Oil and Shell Technology Ventures.

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