Stone Bond’s ERP ‘Swiss Army Knife’

‘Connected’ data management and real time decision support promise of Enterprise Enabler server.

Stone Bond Technologies (SBT) has just launched its launched its new Enterprise Enabler (EE) Server 2006 integration tool for monitoring IT processes and data workflows. EE combines SBT’s Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Extract Transform Load (ETL) packages in a single environment. EE provides ‘connected’ data management, real-time decision support and governance over the changing technical environment.


SBT CIO Pam Szabo said, ‘EE has many-to-many interface-building capabilities to handle mixed relational and hierarchical formats. Our AppComm technology provides high speed native connectivity to proprietary formats, eliminating the need for adapters or central data staging. EE Server 2006 is the ‘Swiss Army knife’ of systems integration.’


Earlier work by SBT leveraged EE connectivity to extract production data from PDVSA’s OSI Soft’s PI SCADA database, said to be the largest PI database in the world.

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