Under the hood of Landmark’s support

Beverly Stafford tells Oil IT Journal how Landmark’s global support leverages Apropos and PeopleSoft tools.

Following the renewed certification of Landmark’s customer support center from the Support Center Practices* (SCP) program, Beverly Stafford, Director of Global Support and Training told Oil IT Journal how it had achieved its 4th Global Certificate. ‘The SCP program helps us improve customer satisfaction by measuring response and resolution times. The program helps us fine tune customer support with automated techniques.’


Landmark uses an automatic call distribution (ACD) package, ‘Apropos**’ to ensure clients are routed to qualified analysts—a.k.a. ‘skills-based routing’. A call menu asks users for a personal identification number and details on the product and nature of their problem and the software pulls up appropriate subject matter experts with time zone availability and the appropriate language skills.

Heavy duty

This a heavy duty solution mobilizing some 180 Landmark employees in its technical applications centers (TAC) in in North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific and EAME. The Apropos package manages call inflow and ensures round the clock coverage. The software also monitors response times which, along with other metrics, are shared with clients to demonstrate service level agreements.

Bug report

Customer support dovetails with the research department so that bug reports (Landmark prefers to speak of incidents) get passed on to its PeopleSoft toolkit – used to track incidents internally. The system handles 80-100,000 calls per year.

* The SCP program is managed by Services Strategies – www.servicestrategies.com.

** More from www.apropos.com.

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