DataMerge—conversion and QC on the fly

Intervera’s new tool promises access to well and operations data in multiple databases.

Calgary-based Intervera Data Solutions has just launched the commercial version of the DataMerge package – a module in its flagship DataVera data QC application. DataMerge lets users connect to any data source, convert data on the fly while improving data quality. DataMerge leverages Intervera’s library of automated data quality solutions to rectify data issues during conversion. The new solution augments other DataVera modules including Data HealthCheck, released last year (OITJ Vol. 9 N° 11).

Well life cycle data

DataMerge, which works on both well life cycle and operations data, lets users perform complex conversions without writing custom programs or ‘throw-away’ scripts. A GUI-based interface and a pre-packaged QC rules library lets data managers and IT specialists consolidate multiple data stores, applying corporate standards and duplication checks. By preventing bad data from being loaded, DataMerge helps companies keep a high level of confidence in data quality. The technology is particularly suited to mergers and acquisition-related activity and loading third party data.


Intervera president Paul Gregory said, ‘Industry now can benefit from our own data conversion experience – with the same tools that we have been using for years. With DataMerge, our customers can complete data transformations three times faster than traditional methods.’

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