Geo2Flow partners with renamed ‘ED’

A renamed ‘Earth Decision’ has teamed with O’Meara consulting to offer fluid saturation modeling.

Earth Decision is to partner with O’Meara Consulting (OMC) to embed OMC’s Geo2Flow saturation modeling toolkit into its flagship GoCad geomodeling package. Geo2flow integrates data and interpretations from the fields of geology, petrophysics, geophysics and reservoir engineering to provide a ‘best-in-class’ solution for reserve estimation and reservoir modeling.


OMC president Dan O’Meara said, ‘Reserves are the crown jewels of our industry. But judging by most geological modeling solutions, you’d think we were selling rocks rather than oil and gas. Geo2Flow, in combination with GoCad, models both the rocks and the oil and gas within them. Our patented technology is a comprehensive solution for calculating reserves, modeling saturations, identifying reservoir compartments and predicting permeability.’


Earth Decision president Jean-Claude Dulac added, ‘Combining Geo2Flow’s patented technology into the GoCAD workflow provides an interdisciplinary approach to building holistic and consistent reservoir models. The collaboration with Geo2Flow extends our vision of a shared earth model in which numerous best-in-class technologies combine, leveraging our open development platform.’

Earth Decision

The developers of GoCad, the 3D geomodeling package have undergone a few changes in corporate identity of the last few years. The first commercial spin off from the GoCad consortium was T-Surf. T-Surf changed its name to Earth Decision Sciences back in 2002. But while this collapsed snappily down to ‘EDS,’ the IT behemoth of the same name was none too pleased by the acronym’s proximity. EDS has now been reborn as ‘Earth Decision.’ Please note this should not be acronymized, as the hard discounter ‘ED’ is a household name in France!’

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