Invensys unveils ‘plant of future’

Bold claims made for plant ‘solution’ leveraging Invensys’ plethoric product range.

Invensys Process Systems (IPS) is rolling out new asset performance management solutions to monitor industrial assets, to maximize asset value and improve business performance. The solutions draw upon technology and expertise from Invensys units Avantis, Foxboro, SimSci-Esscor, Triconex and Wonderware.


IPS president Mike Caliel said, ‘Asset availability used to be the domain of the maintenance department while asset utilization was the domain of operations. As a result, vendor solutions were typically aimed at one or the other, depending on the vendor’s particular area of expertise. However, maximum asset value is derived by balancing asset availability and use in a manner that best meets current business objectives. This requires a holistic approach that, unfortunately for users, is beyond the ‘comfort zone’ of most automation vendors. Our portfolio encompasses measurement and control, safety systems, simulation and optimization, plant intelligence, real-time monitoring and enterprise asset management. So Invensys is arguably the only automation vendor that can deliver comprehensive asset performance management solutions that address both availability and utilization.’


IPS is rolling out a family of nine component and system-level asset performance management solutions, or ‘monitors’ that will be expanded to encompass performance management solutions for vertical, industry-specific assets. Initial components include monitors for equipment, instruments, valves, pumps and process loops. The pump monitor acts like a ‘computerized stethoscope’ to provide a variety of on-line diagnostics. High frequency acoustic sensing technology filters out background noise to produce a graphic representation of pump health. An ‘intelligent’ alarm management monitor directs operators to the root cause of an alarm. Security management conforms to guidelines including ISASP99, NERC CIP002-CIP009, and 21CFR11.

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