TNO, Kadme teal on spatial geodatabase

Kadme and the Dutch geological survey announce a standards-based IM solution for the upstream.

Norwegian Kadme AS and the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research, TNO, are to offer joint Information Management solutions for the upstream oil industry. The two organizations will work together to combine the E&P modules of TNO’s DINO software with Kadme’s web-based components into an integrated multi-client solution for E&P data repositories.


DINO is the Netherlands’ geotechnical database for all geo data types and embeds some 60 workflow processes and data streams to assess usage patterns and costs, allowing for process improvement and best practices deployment.


Kadme’s software components K-map and K-doc are built on open source based web services architecture using tools such as the OpenGIS-based MapServer from the University of Minnesota, web services for remote portlets, JBoss and mySQL.


Gianluca Monachese, Kadme’s MD said, ‘By combining DINO with our components we can deliver state-of-the art, multi-client E&P data repositories. Our scalable, open solutions integrate with any E&P data source, from a single well to a National Data Repository. Our solutions scale from a single laptop to a Linux cluster running Oracle RAC 10g’.


Kadme is to market the solutions and will co-ordinate deployment, with technical support provided by TNO. The standards-based solutions offer internet-ready data repositories. End users will be able to securely access entitled data in the repository independently of the client application. An expert GIS user might access the data through ArcGIS, while casual users might prefer using Google Earth or a web browser. Corporate portals and client applications will be able to retrieve and repository data via web services.

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