Landmark for Kiwi geodata repository

Landmark is providing New Zealand with a PetroBank-based geotechnical data base and portal.

The New Zealand Ministry of Economic Development’s (MED) has awarded Landmark a contract for the provision of the technology for its geotechnical database and public Web site portal. Landmark will provide a single data storage solution for all of the Crown Minerals Group’s digital exploration and production data using its PetroBank Master Data Store (MDS) data analysis and management system. Secure internal and public data access will be provided through Landmark’s PowerExplorer and Team Workspace portal.


Crown Minerals Group manager Adam Feeley said, ‘This technology will help us provide access to all publicly available data on New Zealand’s petroleum, coal, and minerals exploration assets through a web portal. Open file data, public information on permits, including ownership, gazettals and block offers will be available on the web, allowing New Zealand to provide free of charge for data on block gazettals and to open up more of the country’s frontier exploration acreage.’

Public interface

Team Workspace will be the public interface to Crown Minerals’ data stored in the PetroBank MDS. PowerExplorer provides web-based browsing and management of spatial and tabular data.


Landmark president Peter Bernard said, ‘Petrobank increases productivity and project cycles times are reduced by 5% or better. This will greatly enhance MED’s effort to promote and encourage exploration in New Zealand.’

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