Landmark/BP roll-out Nexus simulator

Landmark’s new simulator offers holistic flow modeling from reservoir to pipe network and facility.

At first glance, DecisionSpace/Nexus is Landmark’s new simulator, a replacement for VIP. Indeed, the marketing material focuses on Nexus’ new ‘PowerGrid’ algorithm and reported ‘2 to 20’ times speedup over ‘industry simulators,’ including VIP by the way. But sit in on a Nexus demo and you see more than the traditional fluid flow modeling. With help from BP, who participated in the Nexus project, Nexus reflects a ‘bigger picture’ approach to asset design with simultaneous modeling of reservoir, well bore, gathering networks and surface facilities.

Decision support

Along with PowerGrid, other hard core reservoir engineering tools have been packaged up into Nexus. These include a fancy layer lumping schema and decision support environment for upscaling geological models prior to flow simulation. Users can define drilling targets and use dog leg severity and other constraints to figure out which targets are attainable. But the fun starts when you roll-in a few gathering centers and the pipe network for true, holistic asset evaluation.


John Killough, Landmark’s Reservoir Simulation Research Fellow said, ‘Piloting of Nexus is under way on several diverse and complex assets around the world. We have realized enormous time savings and process efficiencies due to the robust solver and seamless data transfer abilities.’ A ‘direct access’ modeling environment leverages the VIP Data Studio, eliminating the need for data transfers and data reformatting.

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