Scandpower acquires Petec Drillbench

Drilling engineering software compliments Scandpower’s Olga 2000 pipeline and well bore simulator.

Scandpower Petroleum Technology (SPT) has acquired the Drillbench software suite for drilling engineering analysis from Petec Software and Services. The associated staff and client portfolio, as well as the Petec brand name, are part of the transaction.

Well design

Drillbench helps engineers optimize wellbore design and drilling operations through hydraulic modeling of well conditions. Other Drillbench modules support drill string design, cementing operations, well control and underbalanced drilling. Drillbench complements SPT’s OLGA 2000 dynamic simulator for oil, gas and water flow in wells and pipelines.


SPT CEO Dag Terje Rian said, ‘Drillbench fits our strategy of becoming a global vendor of multiphase simulation technology to the oil and gas industry. Our clients will now get the same level of expertise and product capabilities for drilling operations as we provide for design and operation of wells and pipelines.’ Drillbench was originally developed by Norwegian R&D institute Rogaland Research.

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