Sercel uses INT toolkit for seismic QC

INT’s J/GeoToolkit was used to develop Sercel’s graphic seismic QC and visualization software.

Seismic equipment manufacturer Sercel has developed the latest version of its web-based seismic QC tool eSQCPro using INT’s J/GeoToolkit. The new software was designed to offer secure, real time web access to QC data collected by the seismic crew and to operate over low bandwidth connections.


To support remote access through the web, a client/server architecture was developed. An XML/HTTP messaging solution was selected to communicate between the server and the clients. Sercel’s R&D team developed a seismic data compression algorithm, using a wavelet transform, to improve real-time data transfer speed.


Graphic components were developed as ‘beans’ that could be reused in other applications. The client architecture was based on a Model-View-Controller event model. This project provided INT with an opportunity to enhance the J/GeoToolkit in terms of performance and new features to fully satisfy needs of eSQCPro.


Sercel’s Jacques Hamon said, ‘The best market research is working as a team with customers and being open to feedback. INT listens to our concerns and provides us with innovative technology solutions.’

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