New data management tool from LogTech

The system emulates a well file folder system, providing a front end to LogTech’s 4 million curves.

Calgary-based LogTech has just announced a new well data management module for its LogArc log management system. The new module is an electronic emulation of a well file folder system, providing centralized management of all well-related files.

ESRI integration

The new well data management product will integrate with map-based applications such as those employing ESRI technology, enabling map-based data searching and retrieval from a web browser. Users can access well files such as drilling reports directly from the wellsite.

4 million curves

This new system will be sold both as an integrated add-on module to LogArc and under a new, yet-to-be-determined name, as a stand-alone product for companies not currently requiring proprietary log management functionality. LogTech also announced that its digital database of over four million well log curves is now integrated with Neuralog’s NeuraSection geological interpretation application.

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