SGI reports sales to Aramco, GeoCenter

An SGI high end visualization system with 1/2 Terabyte of memory will simulate Saudi reservoirs.

SGI has just reported on two significant sales to the oil industry. Saudi Aramco has just ordered a 64-CPU Altix 3700 solution with half-a-Terabyte (512GB) of memory. The Intel Itanium-based machine is designed as a single shared-memory architecture and runs 64-bit Linux as a single system image (SSI). The Altix system will be used as the development platform for Aramco’s Powers simulator.


Houston-based seismic processing house GeoCenter has also purchased a four-processor SGI Altix 350 server with 8GB of memory as a Linux porting platform for its interactive processing application SeisUP. GeoCenter also purchased a single-pipe, eight-processor SGI Onyx visualization system for development of a new visualization product, and a 20-processor SGI Origin 3000 server for additional development efforts. GeoCenter has also upgraded CPUs in its Origin 2000 server from 192MHz to 500MHz.


SGI is continuing with its product transition to Open Source Linux, tuned to its NUMAflex global shared memory architecture.

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