Geobrowse rolls-in SAP, DMS access

ConocoPhillips uses ISA’s Geobrowse to interface with document management systems and ERP.

ISA has just announced a web-enabled version of Geobrowse, its oil industry data visualization and management solution. Geobrowse IMS also offers a web GIS interface to data in SAP and OpenText’s Livelink document management system.


ISA CTO Steve Prager told Oil IT Journal, ‘Geobrowse IMS leverages ESRI’s ArcIMS, tailored to our clients needs. The system was recently implemented at ConocoPhillips in Jakarta and Perth where it provides a GIS interface to documents in LiveLink, SAP-DMS or on a Windows file-system. Geobrowse IMS can easily be extended to connect to most document management systems and relational database systems.’

Bayu Undan

At ConocoPhillips Perth, the system is being used to access and track the new Bayu Undan pipeline project, connecting the Bayu Undan field in the Timor Sea to Darwin.


Documentation is being collected within SAP-DMS for safety inspections, maintenance reports and pipeline specifications, combined with file-system storage of ROV-based movies along the pipeline. These can all be accessed by engineers and maintenance staff through the GIS. GIS data is mostly stored in ESRI’s SDE.


At ConocoPhillips Jakarta, documentation is being stored in LiveLink for their Natuna Sea assets, and combined with ROV movies stored on a high-speed networked server. GeoBrowse IMS provides access to project documentation and technical data through the web-based GIS.

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