Infield models global offshore business

Infield Systems ‘Offpext’ models the big picture—the worldwide offshore oil and gas industry.

London-based energy analysts Infield Systems has just released a new market modeling and forecasting system for the worldwide offshore oil and gas industry. Offpext (Offshore Expenditure). Offpext leverages Infield’s experience of industry forecasting and incorporates live data from Infield’s Offshore Energy Database. Offpext provides global, regional, country and sector forecasts and also offers project-level modeling.


Infield director Will Rowley said, ‘Offpext provides customized forecasts in terms of values and units for all sectors and regions of the global offshore oil and gas industry. Companies can take our forecasts and drill down to individual project components.’


The software targets operators, contractors, suppliers and the financial community. Offpext provides real, actual and forecast costs with ‘transparent’ phasing of expenditure. Offpext Models can be fine-tuned to reflect specific market parameters or inputs and ‘what-if’ scenarios can be created and evaluated.

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