OFS Portal adds Questar and Wellogix

E&P co Questar is a new client while tools from Wellogix now enhance the e-business solution.

Questar Market Resources (QMR) has signed with the e-commerce hub OFS Portal for the automation of procurement from OFS Portal suppliers. Salt Lake City-based QMR is an oil and gas E&P company offering gas-gathering and processing services. QMR also owns and operates an underground gas-storage reservoir.

Oildex SpendWorks

Questar and other OFS Portal clients can now exchange electronic documents using either Oildex’s SpendWorks e-commerce solutions or new on-demand business solutions from Houston-based Wellogix. OFS Portal CEO William LeSage said, ‘This is an opportunity to extend and broaden our reach to buyers that use Wellogix solutions. Our mutual adoption of PIDX industry standards and commitment to issues of strict data confidentiality will allow for the efficient and trusted exchange of digital information between members of OFS Portal and Wellogix.’

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