IHS Energy has acquired Dan Yergin’s Cambridge Energy Research Associates—and now has a hot line to the top tier of oil and gas management.

IHS Energy has acquired Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA), the oil and utilities consultancy and conference organizer. IHS Energy president Ron Mobed said ‘This creates a powerful new offering built on our expertise and global information resources, providing an understanding of industry fundamentals, from information and operational analysis to strategic direction setting and market insight.’


Dan Yergin, CERA chairman and author of the definitive history of the oil business, The Prize, added, ‘The energy business faces challenges of new competition, evolving markets, changing regulatory regimes and new technologies. By bringing IHS Energy and CERA together, we are creating an independent, broadly based partnership that will enable companies to address these with timely, precise and actionable analysis and data.’ Yergin stays on as chairman of CERA and will become a member of IHS Energy’s ‘executive leadership.’ CERA is best know for its annual CERA Week talking shop for leaders of the energy and utilities industries.

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