Quantum offers Matlab—OpenSpirit link

A Java-based interface exposes E&P vendor data objects to users of Matlab and Mathematica.

Houston-based Quantum Earth is offering an OpenSpirit link for Matlab (and Mathematica) providing hands-on developers with access to a range of E&P data stores. The bi-directional links have been developed with the Java version of the OpenSpirit development kit and extensive use of the java environments available within Matlab.


Data items retrieved from OpenWorks, GeoFrame or other supported databases are available in the Matlab workspace as global variables and structures for study and computation before being written back to the database. Currently the link supports the following objects: seismic, horizons, grids, faults, logs and others. Session and project management are also supported and the Quantum link is aware of OpenSpirit data selection, change and cursor events. A phased release envisages support for all items in the OpenSpirit 2.6 table model later in the year.

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