Deloitte rolls out ASP PetroView Live

PetroView Live offers extranet or intranet access across the organization to Deloitte’s database.

Deloitte Petroleum Services has just launched a new GIS-based product for the oil and gas industry. PetroView Live (PVL) is a web-based mapping service that serves PetroView data across entire organizations, enabling everyone to investigate upstream oil and gas operations, create maps and access corporate information through a single interface.


PVL comes in two flavors, as a hosted ASP-based internet service, or as an intranet deployment within the company’s firewall. The intranet version targets organizations with an existing ArcIMS license or with strict information security policies. Both options include initial client configuration, dataset updates on a monthly basis and telephone helpline support.

Quick look

PVL democratizes GIS information access across the organization. A typical user might have a basic mapping requirement for a presentation or report, or just need a quick look at licensing, drilling activity, production or infrastructure information.


Presets allow for rapid access to specific assets or regions and the user-interface can be modified to comply with corporate branding policies, such as color schemes, logos and symbology. Users can add their own data files such as seismic or prospects layers to visualize alongside the standard PetroView data. External documents can be incorporated into PVL using the built-in document and web linking tools.

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