SAIC to manage Shell’s ‘Smart Fields’

Shell has awarded the systems integration of its digital oilfileds of the future to SAIC.

Shell continues to outsource its IT with the award of a contract to SAIC for its ‘smart fields’ systems integration and business consulting. ‘Smart fields’ involves the application of ‘measure, model, control’ techniques developed for the process industry to oil and gas production. SAIC was selected because of its systems integration experience in other industries.


SAIC VP Randy Walker said, ‘Smart fields offer similar challenges to the US Future Combat Systems Program, where SAIC is a lead systems integrator. Shell and SAIC will pool their technologies to make Shell’s future operations more efficient, and to provide Shell with accurate, real time information for better decision making.’


‘Smart’ pilot projects have demonstrated improved production rates and recovery. The concept is now ready to transition to operational applications and technologies. SAIC has been working with the Shell Smart Fields team for the past two years and has been involved in several other digital oilfield initiatives.

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