UltraLite monitoring from M2M Corp

A low cost satellite SCADA will bring high-end compressor monitoring to marginal wells.

M2M’s iSCADA real-time compressor monitoring and control service platform continuously collects data, confirming operability and alerting operators when problems occur. From the Internet, operators look at key operating parameters without the need to travel to the site. Monitored data can be simple on/off status to hundreds of data points allowing historical trends which may reveal long-term productivity and maintenance issues.


New demand for light-duty compressors is being driven by the expansion of marginal and unconventional natural gas resources in the US. Smaller and more widely separated compressors are required to move lower production volumes from the field. M2M’s new basic packages and lightweight communications make remote monitoring for small units an economic proposition.


M2M COO Don Wallace said, ‘Our R&D has led to distributed software, lighter and faster remote field devices, and more efficient and cost effective bundled communications packages.’ An M2M ‘Ultralight’ SAT-SCADA starts at $952 and includes a satellite modem, IP communications gateway and power supply. A monthly service for alarm alerts and remote start/stop is as low as $23.95.

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