WITSML data browser from SiteCom

SenseXL is a new browser for rigsite data supporting controlled access to real time data.

Sense Technology has just announced SenseXL. The web-based application exposes rigsite data from Sense’s SiteCom to remote users with appropriate access rights. SenseXL leverages the WITSML standard. The application can be used to view data from other WITSML sources. SenseXL can receive real-time data directly from one or more SiteCom systems or WITSML compliant sources.


The viewer offers charting, query and reporting options. The chart view provides charting of both real-time and historical data. The query view provides WITSML-based add, delete and update for any WITSML data. Reporting likewise works with Sense’s own systems or other WITSML datastores.


SenseXL supports import and export of rig data from other sources and can be used to read data from pre-WITSML days, store the data in the SiteCom Central database, and then put the data to use in WITSML compliant analysis and process improvement tools.

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