Schlumberger and Aspen flesh-out alliance

Integrated software tools will give users a ‘seamless view’ of the reservoir and surface facilities.

Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS) and Aspen Technology have entered into a five-year alliance to provide operators with a seamless view of their assets, from reservoirs through to processing facilities, enabling them to plan, manage and optimize oil and gas production.


A fully integrated model will link the reservoir, wells, surface infrastructure, process facilities and economic conditions into a single computer simulation environment that provides a common platform for field planning and real-time reservoir management. Aspen AssetBuilder serves as the platform for the joint solution which will also leverage AspenTech’s HySys simulator, SIS’ Eclipse reservoir simulator, PipeSim, production systems analysis package and the Merak Peep economics package.


SIS president Peter Goode said, ‘Even small increases in oilfield productivity can result in major economic benefits. A system that supports integrated asset modeling will deliver significant business value and is key to dynamic production enhancement and enablement of the i-field.’

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