Petris to embed BEA WebLogic Portal

The web services-based extension to PetrisWINDS will offer single sign-on to multiple portals.

Petris Technology Inc. is to utilize BEA’s WebLogic Platform to develop an energy industry intranet portal. The portal will be available as an add-on to the PetrisWINDS Enterprise platform, providing clients with a single point of access to data assets and collaboration tools.


Petris senior VP Jeff Pferd said, ‘WebLogic will bring full portal functionality to PetrisWINDS, enabling customers to deploy a true web-services environment. This architecture will give flexibility today while setting a firm foundation for future extensibility.’


BEA’s WebLogic allows multiple portal initiatives to be federated across the enterprise, bringing workflow and data management together in one place.

Single sign-on

To provide simple yet secure access, both the Weblogic Platform and the PetrisWINDS Enterprise systems are designed to support single sign-on (SSO) capability to protect information and to ‘streamline user adherence to good security practices.’

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