New release of Mercury’s VolumeViz

Total is an enthusiastic user of VolumeViz, the popular rendering tool for large data sets.

TGS (now part of Mercury Computer Systems) has announced version 5 of VolumeViz, its volume rendering technology for very large data sets. VolumeViz is used by many major oil companies and upstream software vendors including Landmark, Schlumberger, SMT, Jason, Paradigm and Roxar. VolumeViz, which supports 100GB plus datasets, comes as a C++ library with Qt support for the GUI. VolumeViz is ‘thread safe’ and can be multi-threaded across multiple processors and 32 or 62 bit graphics engines.


Naamen Keskes, image processing adviser with Total said, ‘We selected TGS’ volume rendering technology after an extensive evaluation of 3D visualization solutions. By integrating VolumeViz 5 software technology into our Sismage workstation geoscientists are able to manage, visualize and process extremely large 3D seismic datasets. TGS has also helped us to re-engineer our product development initiatives.’


VolumeViz integrates existing OpenGL applications, extending Open Inventor, both C++ and Java interfaces with volume rendering techniques. The scalable solution can be used on systems ranging from notebooks to immersive VR environments.

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