New data processing center for Brazil

PGS’ new seismic processing center is built around Linux cluster technology from IBM.

PGS is opening a new seismic data processing center in Rio de Janeiro. The center’s compute engine is an IBM eSeries cluster of 512, dual Xeon CPU, xSeries 335s, provided by IBM Brazil. The system, which has a 6 teraflops maximum bandwidth, is claimed to be ‘one of the largest supercomputing clusters running the Linux operating system in South America’.


PGS’ Mark Wilkinson said, ‘The Rio Center is a significant addition to our service portfolio for Brazil and will allow domestic and foreign operators to tap into the expertise of PGS geoscientists to maximize their producing assets and fully evaluate exploration potential. In-country service provision also allows processing projects to be managed locally and satisfies local content commitments.’


PGS’ ‘HoloSeis,’ a virtual reality-based seismic display system used for survey planning, interpretation and well planning will be deployed at the center which will be linked to R&D and support resources at the Houston Hub. PGS claims that the center is the only in-country solution for large-scale, compute-intensive applications such as pre-stack time and depth migration.

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