Badleys and Midland Valley forge data link

The two UK vendors are to team on a data link between their structural modeling software tools.

UK-based software houses Midland Valley Exploration (MVE) and Badley Geoscience Ltd. are to develop a link which will let users of MVE’s 3DMove and Badley’s TrapTester to exchange data between their geology models.


Both companies report a ‘strong overlap’ in their client-base and believe that together, these tools provide a ‘complete’ toolkit addressing structural analysis, fracture and stress prediction, and geodynamic basin modeling.’


MVE MD Alan Gibbs said, ‘It makes sense that we should work alongside each other to the benefit of our customers and ourselves. Collaboration provides our clients with a unique experience and skill resource.’


Alan Roberts, Badleys MD added, ‘We recognized MVE to be the leader in fault-restoration and recommend their products and services to our own customers. Formal cooperation between our companies is appropriate as the technical fit is so strong.’

New workflows

The data link between TrapTester and 3DMove was conceived to support new user-devised workflows leveraging both products. This will allows TrapTester models to be read into 3DMove for fault restoration. Likewise, restored models in 3DMove can be captured in TrapTester for seal and geometry analysis.

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