National Data Repositories re-invented

The loose grouping of government bodies is shifting emphasis from oil and gas to geoscience data.

The POSC-supported ‘National E&P Data Repositories’ group is shifting focus. While the first four international meetings had a largely oil and gas theme, the fifth meeting sees a re-baptizing of the loose governmental association as the ‘National Geoscience Data Repositories’ group.


The next meeting is to be held under the auspices of the American Geological Institute (AGI) at the US Geological Survey in Reston, VA, USA from the 21st - 23rd of September 2004. The meeting scope has broadened to offer representatives a chance to ‘share issues, concerns, and solutions related to the management and preservation of geoscience data.’


This year’s meeting, NDR5, will address management and preservation issues, such as compliance with national laws and addressing the needs of energy and minerals industries. A recent report on geoscience data preservation from the US National Research Council has heightened awareness of geoscience data repositories within the United States. According to the organizers, this opens the way for further discussions between key decision makers from around the world. The first NDR meeting, held in London in 1996, was organized by the UK DTI.

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