Microsoft, TietoEnator target oil vertical

Two new offerings address oil and gas construction and pipleine project management.

Two announcements this month describe project management solutions that target the oil and gas industry. TietoEnator and Projectplace are rolling-out a solution for distributed projects while Microsoft Corp. and The Project Group presented a case history of Microsoft Project’s use in pipeline construction. The first solution targets projects which cross organizational, functional and geographical boundaries where a formal project management methods and a central repository for project information are required. TietoEnator’s project management method ‘PPS Online’ is now available through the portal.

Microsoft Project

Microsoft and The Project Group made their pitch in a webcast last month showing how Microsoft’s Project Intelligence could be used to manage all aspects of a multi-year pipeline project. Craig Crawford, CEO of The Project Group outlined how software could be used to manage risk, enhance project deliverability and to offer transparency to key stakeholders.

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