API PIDX 1.2 supports downstream

The Americal Petroleum Institute has released a new version of its PIDX e-business specification.

The American Petroleum Institute’s Recommended Practice (RP) 3901, Extensible Markup Language (XML) Transaction Standards version 1.2 has been released by the Petroleum Industry Data Exchange (PIDX) committee. The standard allows oil field services to be bought and sold over the Internet. The new version is backward compatible with version 1.0 adding schemas for transferring messages related to: Custody Ticket for Petroleum Products, Order Status Request, Receipt and Advanced Shipped Notice (ASN).


The PIDX standards support business processes for services including cementing, coiled tubing, completion, logging (for cased and open holes), perforating, stimulation, oilfield transportation, well drilling and testing.


Mark Edwards, operations manager with Transport 4 and chair of the PIDX Pipeline Information (PIPENET) Group said, ‘The expansion of the XML Transaction Schemas addresses all downstream petroleum product custody transactions. Petroleum shippers can now receive pipeline custody transfer ticket transactions directly into their ERP systems, resulting in an increase in the speed and efficiency of their logistics and accounting operations.’ The standard is available at pidx.org.

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