SAIC touts Field of Future and Content Analyst

Annual report shows solid energy vertical consulting business, but idiosyncratic software portfolio.

In its 2003 report, consulting behemoth SAIC lifts the veil on its oil and gas activity, headed up by vertical business leader Cheryl Louie. SAIC offers oil and gas clients performance benchmarking and strategy advice on ‘aligning IT capabilities with business goals.’


SAIC is working with oil majors to realize the ‘field of the future’ which will integrate systems and technologies with new work processes to increase production and reduce operating costs and capex.


SAIC is helping ChevronTexaco to ‘achieve operational excellence and reduce costs’ and also supports majors’ efforts in the field of environmental responsibility and safety at refineries, retail and terminal facilities, and pipeline operations.

Content Analyst

In the software arena, SAIC has developed ‘Content Analyst’ to extract information from large volumes of documents and data. The software was originally developed for the intelligence community.

Conversion software

SAIC has entered the oil and gas software vertical market with a curious offering – a Units of Measure (UoM) Converter which ‘supports most standard oil industry units of measure’ and includes ‘approved’ American Petroleum Institute conversion specifications. The tool offers linear and non-linear conversion and includes an API for developers.

An API for the API? C’mon SAIC, how about releasing the UoM converter as Open Source?

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