Delphi Group studies taxonomy vendors

The survey found dissatisfaction with search tools and no clear market leader for taxonomy.

A new survey by Delphi Group ‘Information Intelligence: content classification and the enterprise taxonomy practice’ offers an interesting breakdown of commercial taxonomy solutions. The Report (which was part funded by major taxonomy suppliers) sets out to define the role of taxonomies in the organization and to examine future trends.

No single source

82% of respondents did not have a single point of search and management across information sources. Users are dissatisfied with their search tools and a majority had to classify their own material. The report found that 11% of information was not classified at all*.


The study offers advice on how to select a taxonomy supplier. In terms of market share there is no clear leader. Verity tops the list at 15%, closely followed by Autonomy (14%). Lotus, Stratify, Google and InXite also ran. Delphi anticipates consolidation of the taxonomy marketplace over the coming years.

* Surely a huge underestimate!

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