PetroCom extends cell phone reach to offshore

PetroCom uses high-end cell phone infrastructure from Siemens to extend data/voice link offshore.

Houston based PetroCom has started building the first digital cellular network in the Gulf of Mexico. PetroCom’s coverage stretches from Brownsville, Texas to Mobile, Ala. and to 180 miles offshore.


PetroCom president Brad Parro said, ‘Our network will provide the high level of performance, reliability and security that the 30,000 potential users in the Gulf of Mexico require. We give companies mobile access to all types of information anywhere and anytime.’ The network will also be one of the first US deployments of EDGE*.


PetroCom is deploying new ‘Mobile Enterprise’ technology from Siemens including customized base stations for indoors coverage, a solution for synchronizing e-mails while on the move and ‘mobile virtual PBXs’. The solution leverages open standards and supports smartphones, connected PDAs and other mobile devices using Symbian and Microsoft Mobile operating systems.

* A halfway house between today’s GPRS and the future UTMS systems.

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