PetroCanada’s secure document initiative

PetroCanada and ConocoPhillips use electroBusiness’ hub to sell finished products.

Petro-Canada is launching a cross company secure document exchange with help from solution provider electroBusiness (EB). EB will enable the exchange of confidential data between terminal operators in the downstream energy sector.


Petro-Canada collaborated with ConocoPhillips Canada in a successful proof of concept. Other industry players are being invited to adopt the EB solution to standardize and simplify data exchange.


Brian Ritchie, VP, Energy Sector for EB said, ‘This application provides operators with the potential for industry-wide connectivity tailored to their particular B2B technology choices.’

Sale and distribution

e-Business Utility coordinates the sale and distribution of finished products through the exchange of fuel loading tickets. The solution is already commercially deployed in Canada to link oil and gas producers, marketers, refineries, transportation companies and wholesalers and retail outlets.

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