Statoil splashes out on upstream software

Statoil signs five-year upstream software deals with Paradigm and Landmark Graphics.

Statoil has awarded Paradigm Geo and Landmark Graphics five year deals for the provision of upstream software. Paradigm is to supply its Explorer and Geolog applications – running on its epos 3.0 integration platform. Geolog is recognized as Statoil’s ‘mainstream’ well petrophysical tool while Explorer fills a similar role in time-depth conversion workflows.


Statoil’s Erik Gundersen commented ‘Explorer is a powerful time-depth conversion solution. The software integrates well and seismic information with mapping tools, geostatistics and uncertainty—providing geoscientists with the means to generate velocity models and convert the original time interpretation.’


In what was described as a ‘multi-million dollar’ deal, Statoil is extending its software contract with Landmark in the prospect generation, field development planning, drilling and completion area. The current agreement represents a significant extension of Statoil’s existing OpenWorks implementation described as the foundation of Statoil’s integrated information management strategy. The original deal with Landmark was signed five years ago.

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