US MMS kicks-off eWell reporting

The Minerals Management Service is going live with its online permitting and reporting system.

As revealed in OITJ earlier this year, (Vol. 9 N° 2) the United States Minerals Management Service (MMS) is to implement a new, electronic ‘eWell’ reporting system. eWell lets operators exchange well data with the MMS Gulf of Mexico Region’s district offices.

Paper forms

Current MMS regulations require companies to submit specific paper forms for completed and planned well activities. As part of a larger electronic government reengineering effort, MMS has restructured six well permit and report forms and made them accessible electronically. The new system replaces paper versions of permits to drill, permits to modify wells, well activity reports, end of operations reports, and rig move notifications.’


eWell now puts these forms on-line where information can be submitted via a secure internet site in lieu of paper submission. The system pre-populates forms with previously submitted data stored in the MMS database. Automated help screens will speed form completion and improve accuracy.


According to MMS director Johnnie Burton, ‘MMS analyses show our new eWell permitting and reporting system will reduce processing time for the 20,000 applications each year by 50 %, thus reducing costly rig waiting time.’ eWell is scheduled for rollout in June. Earlier this year, Burton received the prestigious Women in Energy leadership award.

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