Schlumberger rebuilds consulting business

Antoine Rostand is to head up Schlumberger Information Systems’ new Business Consulting unit.

Following its aborted sortie into IT consultancy via the acquisition and subsequent sale of Sema Group, Schlumberger’s upstream consulting business has lacked visibility. This is about to change with the creation of a new Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS) unit – the Schlumberger Business Consulting group (SBC). SBC is focused on what is described as the ‘growing demand’ for optimization of upstream operations. The new unit has been formed by the SIS’ software technology, information management, network and infrastructure services.


Heading up the new unit is Antoine Rostand who was president of EDS France before joining Schlumberger, where he was previously VP consulting and systems integration, Europe, for Schlumberger-Sema.


SIS president Peter Goode said, ‘Our business is evolving, with changing operational issues and accelerating workforce dynamics. The next step change in value creation will see IT, new technologies and process redesign integrated with core E&P processes. Our domain experience and the capability to provide an end-to-end solution uniquely positions us to assist our customers to meet these challenges.’


SBC will work with E&P companies on strategy and organization design and implementation to enhance core operational processes and to realize productivity gains through IT-enabled workflow design.

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