Major SAP roll-out for India’s ONGC

SAP is now live in ONGC—serving 5,200 users while Statoil reports JV accounting success.

SAP reports ‘continued success’ for its upstream industry-specific application, SAP for Oil and Gas. In one of the largest ever SAP go-lives in Asia, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) has rolled out the software at over 100 locations across India.

5,200 users

SAP now serves over 5,200 ONGC users and provides ‘a single companywide platform to integrate and optimize all business processes’. Key components deployed by ONGC include Remote Logistics Management and Production Sharing Accounting.


ONGC executive director Amitava Kaviraj said, ‘We chose SAP to cover our end-to-end business process needs. Now, all information on company activities is available online, 24/7 to support tactical and strategic decision-making. Operations are tightly coupled, increasing productivity and reducing costs. For customers, this means better service; for ONGC, a fundamental competitive advantage.’


Kjell Petter Gilje, described Norwegian Statoil’s experience as an early adopter of SAP’s Joint Venture Accounting solution saying, ‘We have integrated and streamlined cash call and joint interest billing processes which contribute directly to easier handling, faster processing and collection of funds from our venture partners. Standard month-end joint venture processing enables Statoil to achieve faster month-end closing, leading to faster financial reporting at less cost.’


SAP for Oil & Gas is a customization of the mySAP Business Suite and leverages SAP’s NetWeaver web services infrastructure. SAP claims over 500 customers in the oil and gas industry worldwide, comprising more than 750,000 users.

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