Aspen, SIS roll-out Sim-Opt solution

.NET-based technology from AspenTech and Schlumberger offers subsurface-to-facility optimization.

AspenTech has announced availability of its integrated software solution for the oil and gas industry, the Aspen Oil and Gas Solution (AOGS). AOGS builds on Aspen’s two software components, the AssetBuilder asset modeling environment and HYSYS Upstream simulation technology. The combined solution enables companies to model, plan and optimize the production of an entire field, including multiple wells, pipeline networks and process facilities, using an integrated simulation model.


The solution also integrates ‘industry standard’ third-party applications from Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS) to support accurate and timely operational decisions. An integrated asset model is generated using Aspen AssetBuilder. Companies can improve field performance by optimizing the whole system from subsurface to producing facility.

Le Peuch

SIS VP product development Olivier Le Peuch said, ‘AspenTech’s simulation and optimization technologies complement our upstream workflow and modeling applications. The integrated asset model provides oil and gas companies with additional capabilities that support production optimization and field planning initiatives, and help identify opportunities to improve facilities utilization.’


The multiple applications and data sources that support the integrated asset model within Aspen AssetBuilder are connected in a common environment based on Microsoft .NET. .NET’s support of Web services is said to help customers ‘harness an expanded array of existing tools’, while ‘protecting their options to incorporate new features in the future’. SIS also announced a major .NET development last year.


Marise Mikulis, Microsoft’s oil industry manager, said, ‘By developing its solutions based on .NET, AspenTech expands the scope of integrated modeling to improve operations and increase value for oil and gas companies.’ AspenTech claims over 1,500 clients for its software including BP, ChevronTexaco, ExxonMobil, Shell, and Total.

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