eLynx announces Enterprise web SCADA

The Houston Exploration Company is using eLynx Enterprise on its Arkoma basin properties.

Tulsa-based eLynx Technologies has just announced its new ‘Enterprise’ web-based SCADA solution. Enterprise gives customers remote management of production assets and associated data from an Enterprise level. New features include administration of individual user logins and security profiles, as well as tree-based groupings of assets.


eLynx VP John Powers said, ‘Enterprise lets clients manage hundreds of users and thousands of wells and to share real-time data across the organization. User management means that current data can be delivered in-context to different users, such as pumpers, field supervisors, engineers and accountants.’


Enterprise solution lets companies create hierarchical groups of device layouts with unlimited custom attributes, an interactive trending interface and tiered, custom alarm schemes.


Lead developer Geoff Simpson added, ‘Enterprise provide maximum flexibility for any size organization. In addition to the robust application design, the eLynx Enterprise is designed to scale from a single device to thousands of devices without the exponential cost increase required by traditional SCADA systems.’ eLynx now offers custom data integrations with third party production, accounting and engineering systems.

Houston Exploration

The Houston Exploration Company (HEC) is one of eLynx’s 100 producer clients and is an early adopter of Enterprise. Houston has just extended its contract with eLynx to include its Arkoma Basin assets. Elynx now monitors 850 producing wells for HEC, some 95% of the company’s onshore production.


HEC ops manager Joanne Hresko said, ‘eLynx provides an economic, efficient system allowing us to operate more wells with fewer people.’ eLynx Technologies was formed in August 2000 by its parent company American Central Gas Technologies.

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