Total and Schlumberger opt for SGI

Altix proves popular for seismics and reservoir engineering with sales in the US, France and the UK.

Total is expanding its processing capability with the acquisition of several new systems from Silicon Graphics (SGI). Total’s E&P unit located in Pau, France, has bought a second 256-processor Altix 3700 supercluster and a 40-processor Altix system. The new machines will be used by Total’s geophysicists for seismic analysis and reservoir engineers for fluid flow modeling. The Altix supercluster includes 256 Intel Itanium 2 processors clocked at 1.3 GHz, with 2 terabytes of memory. The new systems are said to add some 1.5 teraflops of processing power to Total’s installation. The system integrates Total’s existing SGI infrastructure, in particular an InfiniteStorage CXFS 1 shared filesystem.

Total USA

The 64-processor Altix 350 is for delivery to Total E&P USA where Total’s geophysical research group will develop and industrialize new seismic processing algorithms. A four-processor SGI Altix 350 system will be used in addition to the 40-processor Altix to run reservoir simulation applications.


Schlumberger Cambridge Research is also an enthusiastic SGI customer and has just purchased a 32-processor Altix 3000 system with 64GM memory. The system will be used to study geomechanics, physical chemistry, fluid mechanics, and seismics.

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