Smart wells for Aramco and BHP Billiton

Production engineers are increasingly deploying WellDynamics’ ‘intelligent’ completions.

WellDynamics has installed its first SmartWell completion in Saudi Arabia on a trilateral well in Saudi Aramco’s Shaybah field. Shaybah field development has evolved from single horizontal wells to long reach multilateral completions that maximize contact with the reservoir. Intelligent completion technology provides inflow control from each lateral branch, resulting in more efficient clean up, stimulation and production control. The Shaybah 119 completion is a 3-lateral completion, employing hydraulically actuated control valves to allow selective variable choking of each of the laterals.


Intelligent completions are a key component of the much touted ‘e-Field’ concept – a mix of hardware, modeling and optimization software which promises to revolutionize production systems.


Nansen Saleri, head of Reservoir Management at Saudi Aramco, said, ‘Advanced well completion is a technology focus area for us. SmartWell technology will contribute to our goals of improved reservoir management, maximum recovery and reduced well count.’


WellDynamics regional manager, Leo Koot said, ‘This installation demonstrates that our products and services are mature and ready to be installed on a routine basis.’ WellDynamics is a joint venture between Halliburton Energy Services and Shell Technology Ventures. Formed in 2001, the company has installed 115 SmartWell systems for 24 customers in 13 countries throughout the world.

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