PPDM ‘Lite’ draft spec released

PPDM’s spatial database specification takes shape—along with a scaled-down data model.

PPDM has release a draft specification of the ‘Lite’ version of its data model. PPDM Lite is also known as PPDM Spatial IV, or again as ‘PSDM’, the petroleum spatial data model.


Full implementation of the PPDM can be a daunting task. Some companies require a smaller, spatially-enabled subset of the model that supports typical spatial queries.


Spatial IV uses PPDM and ‘other existing Geodatabases’ to create a simplified, denormalized data model focusing on spatial data and on the presentation of PPDM summary data end users.


Support for various spatial formats is provided including Oracle, ESRI SDE and PostGIS. DDLs for Oracle 9.x and PostgreSQL 7.4 are provided. The draft spec for the ‘Lite’ data model is available for comment on www.ppdm.org/development/projects/spatial/documents.html.

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