Weatherford buys EPS

Weatherford, N° 4 in the service sector, has bought into the software business by acquiring asset modeling specialists Edinburgh Petroleum Services.

Weatherford International has acquired Edinburgh Petroleum Services (EPS), a move that further enhances Weatherford’s leading position in Production Automation and Optimization. EPS’ asset management software optimizes design of networks of wells and production facilities. EPS also offers well test analysis, material balance and well performance modeling tools and a strong reputation for consultancy and training.


Dharmesh Mehta, head of optimization with Weatherford said, ‘We have over 40,000 wells around the world using automatic control. EPS allows us to extend this dominant position in well optimization into complete asset optimization.


EPS MD Laurence Ormerod added, ‘Weatherford’s strength in all aspects of artificial lift systems, including real-time data acquisition and control, is an excellent match for our optimization skills.’

5 point plan

The EPS acquisition completes Weatherford’s ‘five point plan’ for production optimization—from completion hardware and sensing, artificial lift sensing and software, to field optimization.

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