OpenSpirit direct connect to SilverWire

Data from A2D’s SilverWire commercial log delivery service is now available through OpenSpirit.

OpenSpirit Corp. is releasing a well log curve loader with a direct connection into A2D’s ‘SilverWire’ web-based log data delivery service. The system will allow users to ‘seamlessly compare and transfer’ log data between industry leading exploration and production systems.


OpenSpirit’s middleware integrates industry-standard datastores including Geoframe, Finder, and OpenWorks. SilverWire lets users query and download data from A2D’s Log-Line Plus well log database. Digital curve, raster image, and ‘SmartRaster’ depth-calibrated images can be accessed from the workstation.


OpenSpirit CTO Clay Harter said, ‘SilverWire connectivity from A2D greatly enhances access to log data. End users within other OpenSpirit-enabled applications and datastores will be able to connect and query against A2D’s catalog of digital log curves, compare to existing logs, and download live without any interfile transfer or other format changes.’

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